A.M. Bhattacharjee Hindu Law and the Constitution

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The classic work of a celebrated author is now stepping into its third edition. In the instant edition several chapters on secularism are included. Critical examination on some important judgments of Hon’ble Supreme Court are dealt with. The book answers to a number of pertinent and thought-provoking questions on the subject. The latest judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court relating to talak-ul-bidaat has got an appropriate treatment.

Contents: Preface. 1. Hindu Law Age-old yet Age-less. 2. Nature and Sources of Hindu Law. 3. Was Hindu Law a ‘Law in Force’ within the Meaning of the Constitution? 4. Impact of Constitution on Pre-Constitution Hindu Law. 5. Modern Hindu Law and the Constitution. 6. Hindu Law and the Constitution. 7. The Source of Hindu Law in the Background of the Nature of Hindu Law. 8. Principles of Justice, Equity and Good Conscience as Sources of Hindu Law. 9. The Principles of Secularism in Hindu Law and Its Impact on our Constitution. 10. Mimamsa Interpretation in Hindu Jurisprudence and its Relevance in Constitutional Law. 11. Diverse Personal Laws in India—Hindu Code Bill and the Importance of Uniform Civil Code. 12. Uniform Civil Code (Article 44) and Personal Laws. 13. Attempts to Modify Muslim Personal Law and the Judgments of the Supreme Court. 14. Article 44 and Judgments after Shah Bano’s Decision. 15. Is ‘Personal Law’ a ‘Law in Force’ within the Meaning of Article 13 of the Constitution. 16. The Concept of Secularism in the United States and the Indian Constitution. 17. Western Thoughts of Secularism. 18. Secularism as a Principle—Splendid Symphony of the Universal Soul.19.Supreme Court’s Judgment on Hindutva, Hindu State and the Erosion of Secular Values. 20. Babri Masjid-Ramjanambhumi Dispute—Its Impact on Secular Constitution and Hindu Values. 21. Temple Entry, Untouchables and the Constitution. Appendices. Index.


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A.M. Bhattacharjee Hindu Law and the Constitution
3rd ed.